Educating With Love and Affection

Educating With Love and Affection. Affection is the main basic component in the process of education and the formation of character or morals of children. A teacher who has a sense of huge affection will be very devotion to his profession compared to one who more oriented to money. And also t the students taught the sense of affection will be more enjoyful and understanding the lesson.
Parents that always educate their children with love and affection will create great fun of learning atmosphere for children in the family . Children never get bored to absorb each lesson given. Because the better way to captivate children and win ttheir confidencef is expanding love and affection of their parents.

By love and affection, the home atmosphere will be a very fun place for children and all occupied.So the home became a residence and gathering all the happiness, peace and politeness. Homes filled by the lights of love and affection will be a place of honesty and all the nature of happiness and good living.

Children will learn to love at home when both parents live in an environment with full of loving care. With the lessons of love received at home, children will be the child’s soft and meek. If the child grew up in a house full of atmosphere with hatred and venom that character will be delivered easily offended and quick-tempered, his life will always be fulfilled by the feeling of resentment that will ultimately children hurt themselves in the of age.

Parents who do not have to be wise to show the ills of life on the faces of their children because the affliction is a burden that may be too heavy for children, and with the cares of life to the children will not reduce the burden of woe itself, but even bring due to a bad day on the child later. children will grow into men who do not have enough confidence in the face of life itself in the of age

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