The sexy yogini

The sexy yogini – She does not sit cross-legged, enveloped by fumes of incense. She does not quote from ancient Hindu scriptures or instruct students to chant Om and execute headstands for attainment of moksha. Tara Stiles, dubbed the ‘coolest yoga instructor ever’ by Vanity Fair magazine, usually walks around or stands at the back of the room.

She refers to ‘asanas’ as ‘poses’ and her students do ‘Triangles‘ (not Trikasanas) and ‘Downward Dogs’ (not Svanasanas) to the tune of Blues pianist Terry Butters. If a student can’t touch his or her toes, Stiles just shrugs and says, “It’s no big deal, just bend your knees”. She reminds them that the pose is “good for quads and hamstrings. “

Stiles, a model-turned-yoga instructor, has become the new face of yoga in the United States. Unlike her rivals, she has not branded her type of yoga. ( )
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