Woman being prepared for burial comes back to life

Woman being prepared for burial comes back to life – A woman being prepared for burial stunned funeral workers when she came back to life.

Maria das Dores was a few hours from being buried alive when an official noticed she was still breathing.

The 88-year-old was rushed back to the same hospital who had earlier declared her dead.

Maria das Dores
Doctors declared Maria das Dores dead on Dec 22

Officials in Brazil have now launched an investigation into how medical chiefs failed to realise the woman was alive and not dead when they sent her body for burial.

She had been brought to the hospital in the town of Ipatinga suffering from blocked arteries. She also suffered from Alzheimer’s and was bedridden.

Doctors declared her dead on Dec 22 after noticing she had no vital signs.

Her body was transferred to a local undertakers to prepare her for burial.

An official looking into her coffin noticed she was still breathing and that she had moved.

Custodia Amancio, daughter of the resuscitated Brazilian woman, said: “We are happy to know my mother is alive and unhappy with the lack of respect due her. We are still not sure if we will sue the municipality and hospital.

“She continues in the intensive ward treatment ward and we are praying that she will improve quickly.” ( telegraph.co.uk )

Elton John becomes a dad

Elton John becomes a dad – Sir Elton John is holding close a new tiny dancer.

The piano man and husband David Furnish have become parents to a 7-pound, 15-ounce baby boy born on Christmas Day. The news was first reported Monday night by USMagazine.com and confirmed to The Associated Press by John’s Los Angeles-based publicist.

Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born in California via a surrogate, whose identity is being protected by the new parents.

Zachary is 62-year-old John’s first child with the 48-year-old Furnish. The couple married in 2005.

In a joint statement, the new parents told USMagazine.com that “Zachary is healthy and doing well” and they are “overwhelmed with happiness and joy at this very special moment.” ( Associated Press )

The chupacabra Legend

The chupacabra Legend -The word comes from two Spanish words – ‘chupar’, to suck, and ‘cabra’, goat.

Popular legend uses the phrase to describe unknown animals that attack livestock, usually goats, and allegedly drink the animal’s blood.

The first alleged sighting was in 1995 in Puerto Rico, but reports have been made from as far north as Maine, U.S., to the south of Chile.


The bald, grey-skinned creature was shot and killed in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, after it emerged from woodland into the garden of a home

Scientists this year speculated that the creatures could be coyotes infected by parasites after one animal was discovered in July following a fatal attack on livestock.

In 1995, eight sheep were found dead in Puerto Rico with near identical puncture wounds to the chest and completely drained of blood which spawned the legend of the chupacabra in Latin America.

Months later, the creature was allegedly spotted in CanĂ³vanas, where as many as 150 animals had been killed.

Since then there have been attacks allegedly carried about the legendary creature across South and Central America, and even into New Mexico and Texas.

Descriptions of the chupacabra vary from reptilian with spikes or quills on its back to hairless dogs with fangs and claws ( dailymail )