DC’s famous Brickskeller saloon likely closing

DC’s famous Brickskeller saloon likely closing – A Washington beer institution that has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest selection of commercial brews appears to be closing.

Diane Alexander, whose family has owned the Brickskeller saloon since 1957, tells news website TBD “nothing is definite” but that the bar with hundreds of different beers likely won’t be open in 2011.

Alexander wouldn’t confirm a closing date. She says Brickskeller likely will continue in some form at the family’s other location, Regional Food and Drink, in Chinatown.

Bar manager Rachel Murray tells WTOP-FM that negotiations are under way to sell the space soon. She says the Brickskeller’s last tasting will likely be Thursday.

The Brickskeller has about 1,200 beers on its menu. ( Associated Press )

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