Electric-eel Xmas lights? What a bright idea!

Electric-eel Xmas lights? What a bright idea! — An aquarium in Japan has come up with a novel — not to mention eco-friendly — way to power the lights on their Christmas tree this year: the ­electric eel.

The resident eel is housed in a special tank, which contains two aluminium panels.

These act as electrodes, ­harnessing the 800 watts of electricity the eel generates every time it moves and directing it down a wire and straight into the lights on the 6ft  6in tree.


The resident eel in a Japanese aquarium is housed in a special tank, which contains two aluminium panels that will help illuminate the Christmas lights

Kazuhiko Minawa, who works at the Enoshima Aquarium in Tokyo and invented the madcap device, says: ‘If we could gather all the electric eels from around the world, we could light up an unimaginably large Christmas tree!’

Facebook rolling out changes to profile pages

Facebook rolling out changes to profile pages – Facebook began rolling out changes to member profiles on Sunday adding a new snapshot of biographical information at the top of the page and a bar of photos in which a user has been “tagged.”

The new profile pages should be available to all of Facebook’s more than 500 million users by early next year, Josh Wiseman, a Facebook engineer, said in a post on the Facebook blog.


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg unveiled changes to member profile pages on Sunday and said the movie “The Social Network” got “hugely basic” things wrong about the origins of the site

Wiseman said the changes are designed to make it easier for a user to “tell your story and learn about your friends.”

At the top of the new profile is a bio section highlighting where a member is from, where they went to school, their relationship status, where they work and other personal information.

Directly underneath is a bar of pictures in which a member has been recently “tagged” by their Facebook friends.

Facebook members can also highlight their most important friends on the page, create new groups of friends or share activities and interests such as favorite musicians and sports teams.

“All your interests and experiences are now represented with images, making your entire profile a more compelling visual experience,” Wiseman said.

Facebook unveiled the new profile pages ahead of an interview with founder Mark Zuckerberg on the CBS show “60 Minutes” airing later Sunday. (Agence France Presse )