Julia Roberts to adopt child from India?

Julia Roberts to adopt child from India? – Julia Roberts, who recently converted to the Hindu faith, is now trying to adopt a child from India, according to sources.

The 42-year-old, who already has three children with cameraman Danny Moder – twins Hazel and Finn, five, and Henry, three, suffered from complications during her previous pregnancies but is still keen to add to her brood.


“Julia has wanted more children for years. But her past pregnancies were fraught with complications and she was forced into an extended hospital stay right before she had her twins. After all she has been through, she realizes that adoption is perhaps the best way forward,” the Daly Express quoted a friend as saying.

“She has a special affinity with India and has contacts exploring the possibilities,” the friend added.

She is also said to have contacted an adoption agency in Bali, where she spent time filming Eat Pray Love.

“Julia and Danny love the idea of their kids having another baby in the house. And it feels so right that the next member of the family should come from a different culture,” the pal said. ( timesofindia.com )

Karen Owen’s Duke Sex-Rating PowerPoint Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Karen Owen’s Duke Sex-Rating PowerPoint Goes Viral (VIDEO) – A Duke student’s risque PowerPoint has firmly implanted itself in the annals of legendary internet stories for generations to come.

Karen F. Owen, a 2010 Duke grad, composed an in-depth, thesis-like document titled An Education Beyond The Classroom: Excelling In The Realm Of Horizontal Academics,” in May. In the report, she describes the men she’s slept with in near-scientificsexual prowess. She sent the show to a few friends after she wrote it and, from there, it went into a forward frenzy, ending up on fraternity listservs and making its way to the media. detail and even provides charts ranking their

Owen told Jezebel that she never meant for the show to go viral; since it has been posted she has gone into virtual hiding.

Some Duke students are less than pleased by the report’s infamy. In a letter to the Duke Chronicle, Alyssa Granacki wrote,

“…the overall glorification of Karen Owen’s PowerPoint and the implied sentiment that it was an act of sexual liberation equates “shattering the glass ceiling” with humiliating members of the opposite sex. Why should we congratulate Karen Owen for subjecting men to the objectification, embarrassment and harassment that women have fought against for years?”

Legal blog Above the Law questions whether or not Owen will be subject to lawsuits based on the number of incriminating details revealed in the PowerPoint, comparing Owen’s situation to that of blogger Jessica Culter, who detailed her exploits on the blog Washingtonienne — and was sued by one of her paramours.

Tragic … macaque monkey snatched baby girl and dropped her from roof

Tragic … macaque monkey snatched baby girl and dropped her from roof – A Four-Day-Old baby girl has died after being snatched from her home by a wild monkey.

Tragic ... macaque monkey snatched baby girl and dropped her from roof

Tragic … macaque monkey snatched baby girl and dropped her from roof

The macaque ran into the living room of the house in Malaysia, grabbed the sleeping newborn and fled on to the roof.

The child suffered bites to her neck and face before falling from the single-storey home’s roof.
The tot’s body was found outside the property in the eastern town of Seremban yesterday.
The baby’s mum – named only as V Revathy, 26 – was not in the room at the time.

Her 70-year-old father-in-law had gone to get a glass of water when the tragedy occurred.

The grandad said: “We frantically searched all over the house and saw her body covered in blood lying outside.”

The little girl was rushed to the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital but was pronounced dead.

Wildlife and national parks director Ishak Muhamad said the monkey was shot a short time later after a search of the area surrounding the house.

He said: “We suspect the macaque was rummaging for food inside the house. It could have taken the baby to the roof thinking the newborn was food.

“The baby died when it fell to the ground. The monkey had apparently released the baby, probably because it was alarmed by the parents’ shouts.”

Malaysian authorities have battled a booming macaque population, which can be aggressive, in urban areas. ( thesun.co.uk )

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