History of Moluccans in the Netherlands

History of Moluccans in the Netherlands – Moluccans – descendants of native residents of the Moluccan islands Ambon – a South Moluccan island – religion – most Moluccans in the Netherlands are Christians when Moluccans arrived in the Netherlands from 1950


Why they fought with the Dutch army against Indonesian independence fighters While Indonesia was a Dutch colony,

Moluccan soldiers served in the Dutch army, attempting to crush Indonesian moves towards independence.

When Indonesia declared independence in 1945 and the Dutch colonial army was finally disbanded in 1949, the Moluccans emigrated from their native island of Ambon to the Netherlands.

The Dutch government had promised that their exile would be temporary and that they could return to their islands in the Indonesian archipelago later.

The Moluccans, who are mainly Christian, were settled in temporary refugee camps. They later moved to town estates where they formed tight – knitted communities.

To this day, some families have a packed suitcase ready by the door, in anticipation of a return to the Moluccan Islands.

An attempt in 1950 by the South Moluccan islands to secede from Indonesia failed, and the South Moluccan Republic (RMS) settled in exile in the Netherlands.

First generation Moluccans firmly believed that one day they would return; the second generation lost faith in the Dutch government’s promises and some turned to train hijacking in order to force the Dutch government to act on their word. The third generation is said to have settled firmly in the Netherlands. ( rnw.nl )

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